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May 17th, 2012 | Author:

When doing long term renting in Spain. Do not just look at the property itself, look at the agent you are renting the long let from as well. Some are brilliant and will cater for your every need, sort problems and help you settle in, others are barely short of pure scam artists. The best advice is to ask in local groups on facebook and google the company before making a decisions. Below are some examples of testimonials for local rental agents in Javea – as you can see they range from horror stories to high praise.

rental agent javea

Another positive recommendation – for long lets in Javea i´d give my thumbs up to villamia Javea … Im not affiliated in any way, have just used them. In comparison to the horror stories some people have told about their agents, Villa Mia has always done their utmost to deliver good service, fix problems promptly and never just pass on bills and issues to tenants. It has further helped that they teamed up with R.Q.B.S. / Trevor Longfield for all maintenance and repairs – superbly competent, swift and able to do everything in house. Anyway, thought i´d get a positive story in before we start shaming anyone 😀

Theyre a good recommendation for people moving here too – helping with setup of bank accounts, internet lines etc in advance … was all ready when I rolled in.

It sounds so exceptionally better than the last agent we had!! after 1 viewing we took a residence, that had out of the ordinary energy straits and an major water bill from before we lived there, that we paid (800). As the landlady started hollering and did not repair anything after a over a month of waiting, we moved out. Then we heard that the commission we paid was for finding the property only..so no support at all from the agent. We moved out on our own, he did not show up. No commission was paid back, nor the money we paid to Amjasa 🙁

We had much the same thing happening – the old tenant split without paying their bills, but rather than dumping the problem on us the agent rushed into action and got the problems sorted for us – most of them the same day (don´t know how, didnt need to know as it wasnt made out to be our problem at any point – they just said they would handle it and they did).