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Benidorm is presumably the most popular and visited resort of Costa Blanca. There one can find anything necessary for a beach break: restaurants and cafes, pubs and bars, karaoke and discos. Benidorm is all skyscrapers and towers, thus variety of accommodation offers appear, including the Hotel Sol Pelicanos/Ocas, the Hotel Venus, the Hotel Flamingo Oasis and the Hotel Rio Park, or the Flamingo Playa Apartments, and of course the five-stars Don Pancho Hotel.
Finally, Benidorm has some of the best beaches in the world, with fine sand cleaned daily; the quality of the services and the transparency of the water are the main reasons for visiting taken into consideration by Benidorm’s many visitors.

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  1. Ramesh says:

    MarinaWhen I was looking for an apmntaert in this area, the best options I had were not advertised by agents, but by individuals on craigslist. There are usually fewer of those, but you should check them out!

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