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Foundation of the Bishopric of Orihuela played an essential part in the the history of the town. Orihuela was the Episcopal centre of the province of Alicante for around four centuries, thus its traditions and artistic heritage are stamped by this the religious influence to high degree. The town has several national monuments: “The temptation of Saint Thomas Aquinas” by Velázquez, the statutes of the Sacred Family by Salzillo, and the “Diablesa”´ by Bussy. The Segura River has also deeply marked Orihuela since it gives boundaries to the city, and source the rich “huerta” – irrigated land of the Bajo Segura. Today the river marks the border between the old city and the downtown.

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    Hey Bryan,Good luck with the move. From what I’ve seen with the My Maps features Google hasn’t implemented the same level of collaboration that they’ve done on the Documents side of things, i.e. if I share a map with you you won’t be able to edit it.So a truly savvy realtor would have to duplicate your map onto one of their own and then put in the pushy pins, which isn’t that hard but more complicated then Google should make it.j

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